The card key to the City…

Be the part, look the part

Where can you go wrong when you’re dressed looking like an Ivy League or Oxbridge student?

Money talks…


Be the part, smell the part

Let it scream “I’m rich, I’m powerful, I’m to die for”

Cuncti adsint meritaeque expectent praemia palmae.

Let all come who by merit deserve the most reward.
With the barriers of entry to the City designed to filter the weak, let me not hesitate to take this opportunity and place myself amongst the kings of men

We work hard to work harder, playtime is a myth

But isn’t this what we all live for?


We all need it in form or another

And the journey begins…

By innercitydreams on Sunday, August 14th, 2011

'illud per haud somnium es illud per haud vita'

those without dreams, are those without lives.

Maybe I’ll be remembered through time as the person who coined the phrase, maybe I won’t, however if there is one reason I’d like to be remembered for, it would be for my journey. 

I could give you an autobiography about my life now, but the chances are you’d probably close the tab by the time you reached the end of this sentence. So instead I’d like to welcome you abroad my journey as I look to explore the City. The lights, the life, the love and lust.